Simlink does not connect with MSFS

Hi Guys my Simlink does not connect with MSFS all of the sudden
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can some1 please help?



For which OS, FS and Addon? Have you just updated to Windows 11? Which version?


Hi yes windows have been updated last night to OS build 22483.1011

Do you think that caused the problem if yes is there any manual fix i can apply?

edit : it is for Microsoft flight simulator 2020 just a heads up for example onair company connects and recognizes the flight but simlink stopped working

We are investigating whether Windows 11 is causing Simlink to malfunction on some machines. Thank you for your patience.


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Thank you Ian for your reply and support. I hope you identify the issue and update the simlink itself or post some workaround soon.

Kind regards and keep up the great work

For me the same, I cant connect anymore MSFS to Navigraph I have the WIN11 insider build 22483 prerelase 211015-1431 Any help will be great

See here: