MSFS 2020 "... cannot detect a flight in your simulator"

FYI Little Navmap finds the flight and aircraft location also.

Does this work with Navigraph as moving map?

Little nav map will show your planes location. But not with the integration of a Simbrief flightplan overlay or chart overlays of all Jeppersen charts. So not really a replacement for moving maps. I must confess though as to not trying Little Navmap. I welcome corrections to my assessment. Still miss my moving maps. I hope this thread will soon contain some kind of resolution. All recommended fixes tried.

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Any updates on the matter yet?

Not yet apparently. :unamused: I’m still hopeful. Too busy to try again till maybe Thursday or Friday. Sometimes these things “just start working”, like it’s on the server side. Please update the thread if you see any positive signs, as will I. Maybe LaneHoy could weight in? He seems quite knowledgeable.

Hello All,

We are investigating an issue with Windows 11. And we will post a solution soon.


Ahir Vishal D.


Thanks Ahir. Good luck, we’re all counting on you.

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Godspeed Ahir !! Best of luck !!

Hi gentlemen,
just a short update on this. As Vishal wrote, we are working on a fix, but I will explain what happened:

We use a special “tool” in Simlink to “identify” the MSFS and to “talk” with the sims. This API is removed from Windows 11 build 22483 or higher. In the current official Win11 release build 22000, this “tool” is still existing, therefore the reason, why Simlink works on some systems and on some not.

The bad news here is, and that´s also the main reason, why we must fix this immediately - this tool is (or will be) also removed on Win10 systems from any 21H1 update on. We have currently a lot more Win10 user as Win11 therefore the change is important.

But in general:
Normally (not in the past, nor in the future), we don´t official support any “beta/preview/dev/experimental” versions. Not for OS systems, nor for any addons. A preview version is not a final one and issues/errors may occur.

In this special case, this is really an “immediately fix” which we must build and also we are very thankful for all the comments on this and also for the possibility of the remote-session between one of our customer and Vishal.

We will keep you inform here, when the fix is done, tested and ready for the release.
Thanks to all for their patience and also the effort to help us to find the issue



Hello Richard.

Vishal updated my system, all good for now.

Fully understand that you don’t support preview builds, but of course knowing what will not work down the line is as important for your company as it is for mine, I imagine.


Were you a guinea pig for a test fix? Just curious.


We have now released the new Simlink version, which looks good now for all systems and in all sims, incl. Win11 preview with MSFS. Our tests are not as relevant as your tests :wink: So please, update your Simlink and try if the Moving Map now is working again.

How do you update Simlink?

  1. Before you do anything, please close all sim´s - VERY IMPORTANT TASK!!!
  2. Close Simlink (taskbar - right click on the Simlink symbol and select “Quit”)
  3. Start Simlink (simply look for Simlink via the search-function in your OS)
  4. Simlink should start now and you should immediately get the following message:
  5. Press YES → the new version will now be downloaded automatically in your %userprofile%\Downloads
  6. Go into this folder and double click/start the Navigraph-Simlink.exe
  7. The update process will be started and you need only go forward during the setup. No changes necessary.
  8. After the installation is finished, you should see this windows to confirm that all sim´s are updated with the newest version.

    Attention! You will not see the MSFS because for the MSFS there is no own plugin - the MSFS communication works directly with Simlink.
  9. Press ok, and “Launch Simlink”.
  10. Start your sim and enjoy it :wink:

Any comments are welcome

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Works perfectly here now, thanks!

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Thanks its perfect again, without it is not the same game, Thanks

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Can’t wait to try it after work. Thanks so much Richard and the team. You guys are awesome.

Thank you guys, I can finally report, that at least for me, it’s working.

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I also saw Windows 11 dev preview going to 22489 build…we should be ok though. Anybody update?

Do it Tim :slight_smile: it will work … we use now another method to identify the MSFS sim. So, it will work :slight_smile:

Go … :boom:


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Hi Team,

Thank you to all you testers here who have given valuable input to help us narrow down this problem.

Thanks also to Vishal and Richard for resolving the issue.

The Navigraph Team


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