SimBrief, YouTube, Flightlevel,

Hi, I creating Flight Plan and when I want to upload into Nav. Chart, this is the message I get. Please let me know what I do wrong.

The other think; SimBrief posted in 2016 one YouTube video tutorial and many people is looking for a latest update. Can you do something about this please.

One more think; I printed out from my old PLN from my PC, and I find in the last page called (Flight Level page with wind direction), where can I control this page to print it.


The simBrief username is never an email address.



Hi Kris,

In Charts Settings please enter your Simbrief username from

After pressing Generate flight to produce OFP, you can use PRINT/VIEW PDF to print OFP including Flight Level page with wind direction.


Thank you Ian, From previous help Simlink is working, Now the Chart is working.

I do not know I wrong or right, but my personal opinion is, the reason why users are having simlink connection issues because when installing MSFS 2020 they do not installing into the recommended installation folder into USER, (choosing other location).

When I reinstalled my FS 2020 I did follow all installation procedure as officially recommended and now my Simulator is working in all device, including simlink.

Thank to all of you…


PS: One updete on YouTube simbrif tutorial would be nice. Replacing the old 2016 totorial with a new one that would be great.

Thanks again…
Happy Flights