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Dear all, new here, so hope someone can help me. I have installed the Microsoft MFS. I cannot setup a flight in the EFB in the Fenix A320. According the support from Fenix I have to do this: please load up the FenixSim A320 application and input your Pilot ID into the “SIMBRIEF USER ID” field, so I have wrote here in the Fenix Product Configuration my Pilot ID, exampe 123456. But in the Fenix EFB I have to write my Simbrief username, which is as example ABCDE. Can this be the reason that I cannot create a flight in the Fenix EFB…? Must I wrote my Pilot ID on both or my Username on both?


In Fenix EFB Settings for SIMBRIEF USERNAME you can enter either your username or your numeric Pilot ID. I use Pilot ID.

Make sure you have pressed GENERATE FLIGHT in SimBrief to create the OFP.


Good mornig Ian, thanks a lot for your response, it works now, you are right, I was forgotten to generate the plan in Simbrief. a typical mistake of a new user…, thanks again and have a nice day! :smiley:

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying


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