OFP “error unknown user id “

I’m using windows 10 and trying to input my flight plan using the OFP but when I do it comes up with error : unknown user ID ?
Im using the Fenix A320 neo -


Hi Ian,


Please try Simbrief username or Simbrief user ID - #2 by Ian


Hello. I can’t pair my pilot id to a320 fbw. when I enter it in the tablet it says “error unknown user id”
I can’t find to enter the pilot id ID in the mcdu options. I try simbrief usrname and user id. What can i do?
user id doesn’t work in the new a320 v2


You need to enter your SimBrief Pilot ID into EFB Options page.

Your SimBrief Pilot ID can be found on this page: SimBrief - Dispatch



I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and i am trying to load my SimBrief account in to the OFP, but it says SimBrief username not set. I put in my simbrief id and username, but it still doesnt work.

I am flying the a320neo v2