Upload Flight plan into Fenix A320

Whenever I create a flight plan in simbrief and try to upload it on the fenix tablet in the A320 it says “no flight plan was found for this user name”. Where am I going wrong and How do I check my user name in simbrief and Fenix as I thought they were the same.



Make sure you press the Generate Flight button in SimBrief.


Thanks, I do generate the flight plan but when I try to upload the flight plan into the Fenix A320 it keeps saying “No flight plan found for user name”. Any help much appreciated.

Same problem here. Following

You need to export it as well!
There is a special app to do this

Please try FAQ - Importing SimBrief flight plans into the Fenix A320 MCDU

Also make sure you have your SimBrief Pilot ID entered into Settings on the EFB