Simbrief Panel

From some reason, but I don’t know why; Simbrief Panel OFP freezing my Flight Simulator and I have to restart the PC.
What can be the problem. Please give me some advice.

Hi Kris,

Are you saying a SimBrief generated OFP loaded into MSFS is causing MSFS to freeze? If so please upload the flight plan using image


Hi Ian,
Thank you.
Sorry to not remember it, where can find the simbrief panel download? The Simbrief Panel have any update? Here is the image what case me problem.

In earlier conversation your suggestion was, after creating OFP this is the place where I Exporting to:

Where I find Upload simbol?

The other think is, I don’t have permission to send messages. Why is that happen.

The upload symbol is in the edit bar as you create your message:

You have posted a screenshot of Discord. Is that where you can’t post? What message are you getting? Maybe posts a screenshot of any error message.


sorry for confusing;

, Yes, the Discord where I cannot post. When I move my mouse pont over the message bar, I have STOP icon.

, I don’t remember it, but the simbrief panel is installed or available from “” or “”?


Thx, Ian

Hi Kris,

I don’t know why you can’t post in Navigraph Discord. Or is it SimBrief Panel Discord ? Please see the text and green check mark at end of Rules.

SimBrief Panel from is not a Navigraph product. You should ask the SimBrief Panel developer for support.


Ian, Thank you for your time. I will Delete this “simbrief panel”,

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