In game freeze when view simbrief ofp in new release

with the new ingame navigraph charts, when try to view simbrief ofp, the msfs simulator freezes completely, regardless of he selected airplane (standard Cessna 172 or FBW A320). I have to kill the simulator.

HW Win 11, RX3090, MSFS2020

Same here. It says in error maybe occurd because of DirectX version. I’m using Win11 with RTX 3080 and DirectX12.

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@Schaepper , are you also using DX12?

And both of you, does the issue persist in DX11?

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It also happens on my installation with 7900XTX latest drivers and DirectX 12. Did not test on DirectX 11

I have also this problem. I am using windows11, RTX3080 TI, DirectX12. I did not use DirectX11 yet. Newest drivers.

Hello everyone! Thank you for the reports.

Could you try in DX11? We would like to narrow this down as much as possible, and no one on the team is using DX12 due to the many issues reported with it.

Looking forward to your results!

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Hallo Malte
Thanks for your reply. And yes, the issue does not happen when using DX11. I used the tandard C172 to test it. And it worked.
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Thanks for the confirmation! Then it seems like this is unfortunately too low-level for us to be able to debug the issue. Perhaps Asobo could help, but I am not sure they want to put resources into debugging issues that do not occur without a panel like ours triggering them…

At the same time, we are at a loss - they have the source code for the simulator and are the only ones who can meaningfully debug this. We could go on a chase and try removing/changing things piece by piece until the issue stops, but it is not a priority for us seeing as even the MSFS developers consider the DX12 option unstable, as far as I know.

I will write this down and add it to our backlog for investigation, but as mentioned it will likely have low priority unless this starts occurring for DX11 too. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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So I can agree. With DX11 it doesn’t freeze, but with DX12 it does freeze. My next test will be to see if the non in game navigraph causes it to freeze.

I cannot really agree with the solution of avoiding DX 12. I think the ingame navigraph app is part of your solution (and therefore in the community folder) and I assume, that your software is reading your simbrief ofp and tries to show it in your app. And therefore it is maybe not the issue of Asobo.
And even though DX12 is in Beta state doesn‘t mean, that users don‘t use it, since this is the only way to improve the fps. And these users are paying subsciption fees to Navagraph every year. So it would be a good idea that at least some of the developers would use DX12 to be prepared so DX12 will be out of Beta. And avoid issue like this.
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Hi Ueli,

It seems the DX12 beta causes problems with viewing SimBrief OFP’s. We shall likely test DX12 ourselves, but we are saying supporting it for users is a low priority as the Beta already has many issues.