Simbrief no approach

I generated a flight plan from simbrief but it doest not generate a approach plan. I can select a approach in navigraph but how can i apply this plan in aircraft in mfs2020. I am using Flybywire.

Hello again!

As mentioned in the other topic, this is expected! But you probably knew that.

You can do this in at least two ways:

  1. Open the generated OFP from SimBrief, check the route and enter it into the MCDU - probably the most common scenario in real life?
  2. Load the flightplan using the INIT DATA REQ feature documented in the FlyByWire documentation

Note this message in the documentation:

This confirms the answer you received on the other topic:

In any case, you will need to configure the MCDU yourself, at least when it comes to runways and procedures! The documentation has a section on this procedure as well:

I hope this helps!

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