General Navigraph & Simbrief confusion

I’ve been using simbrief with the Flybywire A320 module for MSFS pretty successfully for the most part. I found that the FBW module allows Navigraph charts to be displayed on the Flypad and figured I’d get a Navigraph 8.0 chart subscritption. In my mind, I thought that navigraph would be basically a much better version of simbrief. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears that navigraph simply provides detailed map, airports and flight planning. There is nothing more besides planning flight routes compared with the many different options in simbrief.

My confusion is what steps do I take to use both of these products? Do I plan everything in Simbrief and only use Navigraph within MSFS to display the more accurate maps? When I import a simbrief FP into MSFS and upload the info to the MCDU, does this ‘tell’ Navigraph what the flight plan is or do I create a FP in Navigraph and import it into Simbrief?

I’m just getting started and looking to do basic flight planning and just trying to understand how MSFS, Flybywire, Navigraph and Simbrief all play together and the correct steps to create a successful flight. Thanks in advance, I appreciate any help!



Simbrief is a comprehensive flight planning application. Charts 8 also has flight planning and provides extensive chart display and moving map.

The two applications are independent of one another with the ability to import plans between them.

The FBW Flypad displays the flight plan you have Generated in Simbrief.

Each tool has different functionality. I suggest you try each out and you should see how to get the most from them.

Of course ask here if you need help.


When using the Navigraph window in Sim Toolkitpro. The red arrow which normally tracks the aircrafts position on the map, is frozen in the location when you toggle the red arrow (on). It used to move with the aircrafts present location. Did I change a setting somewhere which changed the function of the red location indicator?

Appreciate any solution to this post…Cheers DP