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My problem : in Simbrief I created a route EGPD to EGSS. I got following route : DCT NAXIL P600 PTH/N0446F380 DCT TLA/N0443F370 UN864 DCS UL612 LISTO LIST1L

When opening Navigraph Charts I see the route appearing. When I select a SID to PTH then the system “replaces” DCT NAXIL P600 PTH with the SID ex rwy 16, while at the same time PTH/N0446F380 DCT TLA is changed in a dotted line. When I wish to “connect” PTH to TLA in order to get a straight line, the systen refuses to do so.

I hope my note is clear to you. For your information.

Note If I take another suggestion between EGPD>EGSS via PTH (through Simbrief and import in to Navigraph Charts) I get the same result > dotted lines to next waypoint or even the whole route until the APP to EGSS.

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As always there is a lot of help on this Forum…! /:

I deal with the dotted line, I hang in front of “DCT” the next waypoint after the dotted line. Sometimes it helps and will complete into a continuous line of the flight plan. I have no idea if this is correct, but better here on the forum I have not found an answer how to deal with it. What is written on this forum regarding the dashed (dotted) line tells me nothing. I have no idea if I helped you, I haven’t found an answer to this problem myself anywhere. In fact, there are many more problems, but I do not have the time and nerve to “fight” it “Time is money” For which no one will pay me!!!

Original flight plan

Flight plan after modification.

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You mean the green dotted line? It is because there is no arrival set on your flight.

But your workaround is good if you don’t want to set any arrival.

If you do like to set an arrival that connects to MONEC, check the arrival overview (from your original route, not the edited one):

Here you can see that NIDU2R with the NIDUL transition connects to your selected RNAV Y 05 approach.

Press the label and then Add to route in the left hand list:

Here is the resulting route: GCXO/12 BIMB6K BIMBO DCT NIDUL NIDU2R LPMA/MONEC.R05-Y




Of course, sorry for the very late reply. We seem to have overread your post.

The problem with EGPD is that the SID is named exactly the same (GLESK or ADN) as the transition point (GLESK/ADN). This isn’t well supported in the app, and to be honest I am not sure how a valid flight plan should actually look in this case. Our system does not allow duplication like “EGPD GLESK GLESK” which would be (I guess) the correct syntax here. Therefore you end up with the dashed lines when selecting a SID from EGPD. We’ll see if we can adapt our system for this case, but it does seem to be quite special to EGPD. For now, don’t select SIDs at EGPD in the Charts app if you want to avoid dashed lines.




Thank you very much for the detailed answer to my flight planning problems. I now understand more the operation of flight layout and planning in Navigrapch Charts. Probably these posts will also help other virtual pilots…

Greetings and thank you…