London Heathrow Approach

On route from EDDF to EGLL 27L via LAM, the charts (EGLL 10-2S) show continuing from LAM for 11nm on 273 and then a large S-shaped path to pick up the ILS. The STAR is LAM1X. However if I put this into SimBrief it doesn’t put in the right route and the approach to the airport is at the wrong angle. Any help on what should go in the route string would be much appreciated.


This chart is an initial approach procedure (specifically, I think it’s used if there is no radar control). SimBrief’s route calculations only go up to the end of the STAR, so initial approach procedures and final approach procedures are not included in the flight log or waypoints list.

This is in line with the real world flight planning systems SimBrief is based on. There is very little benefit to including these waypoints in an OFP flight log because:

  1. Pilots do not perform fuel checks at this phase of flight, and
  2. There is a high likelihood that the flight will be vectored or cleared on a different routing by ATC

In fact, many real world OFPs don’t even include the SID/STAR waypoints, or any waypoints that occur during the climb/descent phase, for the same reasons.

Instead of calculating specific approach waypoints, SimBrief plans a conservative amount of maneuvering fuel and time to account for the approach phase, which varies depending on the final STAR waypoint position and arrival runway.

You can of course do what you did in your recent flight plans and manually add the waypoints in your route (LAM273011, BNN127019, etc). Just know that if you are flying on an online network such as VATSIM, they will probably not approve this route and will amend it to something else.

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