Simbrief doesn't display selected approach that was copied in from Charts

Good morning, I am newer to the systems so this is a newbie question! Is it normal that Simbrief does not display the selected approach in the flight plan map? I’m assuming that’s because your runway can change by the time you get there depending on wind and you might not use the same approach anymore?

Also noticed that when I imported the flight from Simbrief into the Vision Jet in MSFS on XBOX and selected the approach manually in the menus, there was a discontinuity after the final waypoint and the approach. At least it seemed that way, I didn’t end up having time to complete the flight yesterday.



All of this is normal actually. SimBrief does not have any knowledge of approaches, so the approach in your route string is simply ignored when you copy it into SimBrief. Likewise, when importing SimBrief into add-ons such as the Vision Jet, the approach will not be imported by SimBrief. How the add-on handles this depends on the add-on in question, some will add a random approach or will keep the previously selected approach, others will require you to manually load an approach from the FMS afterwards.

It seems reasonable that the add-on would add a discontinuity before the approach in this case, but you should be able to simply remove it.

Note that SimBrief, like the real-world flight planning tools it is based off of, does plan fuel and time for an approach to the presumed landing runway, however it does not include any approach waypoints themselves since they often change. Another reason is that pilots are rarely looking at the flight plan during the descent and approach phase, instead they mostly reference the appropriate STAR and approach charts.

Hope this helps,

Really appreciate the detailed reply! Love your products and excited to get to know them better. Have a wonderful day :sunglasses::airplane::world_map:

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