Cant select an approach most of the time


I am not able to select an approach most of the time; when I try and add one to the route or override it with a different one, it’ll just sit there and not do anything while I click repeatedly “add to route”

Please help


Please be a bit more specific. Provide your original route before trying to change/replace the approach. Do so by using Options > Export > Copy to clipboard. Paste it here.

Then provide a screenshot showing which approach you are trying to set, or explain in text. You can paste screenshots here.



I never got a notification that you had replied so I am sorry for not replying back. In one of the recent updates, it got fixed. I have a new problem now, some of the approaches aren’t the same in my FMC, I have 2305 for both simbrief and my aircraft but it doesn’t always show up the same

Please help if you can


So that we can try to replicate, please advise which Operating System, which Flightsim, which aircraft, which approach(s), preferably with screenshots using Guide to posting Screenshots.