Simbrief confused about which VOR to use

There’s two VORs with the same name, ING. One is in France and the other is in Iceland.

How do you tell Simbrief which VOR specifically to choose? It’s erratic on whether it goes to Iceland or France, and I want it to go to Iceland.

If you set departure to EGPK and destination to BIKF, with ING as the sole waypoint in the route, it goes to Iceland.

If you set GOW, ING as the route it goes to France. How do I tell it to go to iceland with GOW and ING as the waypoints?

Hi, there is currently no way to “force” a different VOR with the same name.

Going direct ING from GOW is quite a long distance. If you add an additional VOR in between (such as STN), it should make SimBrief choose the Icelandic ING instead.

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Appreciate the response.

Does it choose which one to use based on proximity to the previous waypoint, or the leg direction for the previous waypoint?

STN is a bit out of the way. BEN is a good option, but is a low VOR. I understand this is likely an edge case, but curious if this could be determined based on general direction from departure → destination. If you’re going northwest it wouldn’t make sense to choose the VOR so far out of the way to the southeast.

It would be nice (not asking/demanding for, but requesting) if specific selection was possible for edge cases.


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Manually selecting a specific VOR may come at some point, but I can’t make any promises at the moment.

The intent behind SimBrief’s route analysis is that it “should” auto-select the intended VOR as often as possible. Yours might be an edge case, but I agree that SimBrief should not be selecting the ING in France since this is a significant detour.

I’ve just made some improvements under the hood, it should now more reliably choose the VOR that results in the shorter route distance (not simply the closest one to the previous waypoint). The EGPK ING BIKF case seems to be fixed, let me know if you find other routes that aren’t working properly and I’ll take a look.


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