Simple non-GPS VOR to VOR flights?

I’m primarily trying to hone my flying skills by setting up short flight plans that use VOR navigation, as I’m trying to avoid the “get in, press autopilot” style of flying. Not saying that piloting a 737 is easier than flying a Cessna, its just that I dont know enough about how to set up scenarios with those large planes to keep me busy so figured I’d start with the old school basics like VOR nav.

I’m encountering difficulties in setting up simple routes with Simbrief and Charts that don’t require GPS. After creating a route using the VOR only option, I import the flight into Charts, and then I’m tempted to experiment with selecting approaches, procedures, departure runways, etc., which seem to be some of the benefits of using these programs.

However, everything appears to be tailored for airline jets, and I’m struggling to find a straightforward workflow that allows me to do some manual flying. I’m looking to set up some general aviation routes that take me from an airport, through a couple of VORs, and into an ILS approach, but the software isn’t making this as easy as I thought it would. If I select VOR only in Simbrief, shouldn’t Charts have a way of enforcing those options and suggest approaches based on how the flight plan has been set up thus far? Once I start experimenting with things in Charts trying to select runways and approaches, my Departure waypoints indicate that they’re VFR which is confusing. I know I’m sounding like a bratty noob so apologies to all you proper pilots out there reading this.