VOR NDB with same name

Hi, I have an issue with VOR/NDBs which have the same name.

For example, flight planning a route to fly with a non RNAV aircraft (such as the DC6) if I type the route into the Route box, and there are two navaids with the same three letters, it seems to default to the NDB, and there is no way of choosing the VOR.

An example of this is flying from LOWI to LOWS. The normal route I fly is from RTT NDB to SBG VOR. But when typing “RTT3Q RTT SBG” it picks the SBG NDB instead of the VOR and there is no way of changing this. Unfortunately the NDB is located a fair distance from the VOR.

Is there any way of selecting the VOR instead of the NDB?



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A little more info,

I just amended it to “RTT2Q RTT UNKEN UNKE2R”. The UNKE2R arrival routes from UNKEN to SBG VOR, but when typing it into simbrief it has it routing from UNKEN to SBG NDB (which puts you on a wrong course).

Hello, thanks for your question. In looking into this, you are correct it will default to the NDB. Try this routing: RTT2Q RTT UNKEN T701 SBG (with emphasis on T701). That little identifier will tell the system to use the VOR. Let us know how you get on with that.

Thanks for the speedy reply.

This does work!

Just out of interest, if I am wanting to compile a flightplan (non Rnav) from VOR to VOR, how do I get it to choose the VOR when I type SBG and not the NDB? This is without flying airways, just direct from VOR to VOR (the DC-6 still doesn’t have a GPS available. I know VORs are rapidly disapearing, but I still manage to navigate around Europe going direct between VORs at the moment - just not SBG or other VORs which have NDBs with the same name close by).

Thanks again

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