Simbrief changes weather in Active Sky?

I have this issue:
Active sky offers the possibility to change weather parameters at specific airports
A feature that I often use is to modify the wind direction in order to change the runway in use.
1 I first change the wind direction in Active sky
2 I go to simbrief and select update- upload a new snapshot

I use the method described here, with SimBrief Downloader running:

After doing that instead of having the new wind direction in simbrief (automatic SID STAR selection, OFP), simbrief changes back the wind direction in Active Sky .

Any idea what I am doing wrong?
Thank you!

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I think if you upload your snapshot through the SimBrief website (by selecting “Update - Upload a new weather snapshot”), it forces Active Sky to redownload historical weather before uploading to SimBrief. When it does this, it might be erasing your custom wind direction.

Instead, try setting your custom Active Sky winds, then right-clicking the SimBrief Downloader icon in the Windows taskbar (bottom right of your screen near the clock) and choosing “Upload Active Sky Weather”.

Once that’s done, go back to SimBrief and in the Historical Weather section, choose “Enabled - Use your uploaded snapshot”. If it warns you that your departure date does not match your snapshot, make sure to choose “Change Date”, and not “Upload Snapshot”.

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Thank you very much! It is the way to do it!
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