Changing the SimBrief Weather Source

i want to ask, if it is possible to change the Weather Source for Flight Planning to 3rd Party Software like Rex WeatherForce for MSFS2020 or Active Sky for XP11 or P3D, depending on the Sim, that will be used for the Flight?

I would highly appreciate such a Function in the Future. Thanks a lot in Advance.



Yes, but this is only possible for Active Sky 16 and newer (i.e. AS16 for FSX, Active Sky XP, or Active Sky P3D).

You need to install the SimBrief Downloader program and make sure it is running on your PC, and have Active Sky running as well. Then, from SimBrief’s Dispatch Options page, scroll down to the Historical Weather section and choose “Upload a new weather snapshot”.

This is mostly meant to enable historical weather data, but it also works for today’s date as well. It’s just that there’s normally little point if you’re flying in real time since SimBrief’s default weather should already match Active Sky in this case.

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Thanks for the Explanation.
Is there anything planned, to support Rex WeatherForce for MSFS in the Future?

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