Simbrief weather

Hi. I don´t understand well how the weather generation works. When I load a saved OFP and generate it again, the figures have changed even if I keep past time, likely due to the different wind conditions that appear in maps. In short, what if I want to generate the same old OFP?

Hello, If you are running active sky, there is an option to save a snapshot of the weather when you generate your release (OFP). Ensure you check Active sky snapshot in our FMS downloader tool. Then when your ready to fly just load in the AS weather and your old OFP and they should match.


Ok, thank you, but I cannot find Active Sky for MSFS.

En 31 ene. 2022, en 15:48, jsokoloff via Navigraph <> escribió:

Active Sky is not compatible with MSFS.

Hello. Thank you for your answer.

If I understood well, I cannot control/deactivate the internal Simbrief weather engine.



No, You can use a snap shot with AS, but not MSFS

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