Simbrief and Aerosofts CRJ

This is a long lasting issue that there are problems with the flightplan export for the CRJ. It contains only DCTs, no airways. When will this be solved? If you need details on how the flightplan should look like, I can provide you with the necessary details.


This was done intentionally back when the CRJ initially released for P3D if I recall correctly. Numerous users reported flight plan load failures, which were usually solved by removing the airways and loading the route as a series of directs instead. The developer of Little Navmap had also done something similar with his export I believe.

I have restored the airways in the CRJ format now. Please test a few flights and let me know if there are any load errors, and if so, if there is anything I can change on my end to fix them.

If the load errors return, I can always revert back the to directs method, but hopefully with your help that won’t be necessary.

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CRJ fs2020 does not load path from file. Could it be because of this change?

It’s possible, that sure didn’t take long! :sweat_smile:

Ok, new plan. I’ve reverted the changes so that the format exports a series of directs (as before), and have instead added a second format named “Aerosoft CRJ (Airways)” which includes airways support.

@mopperle If you have a chance, please try the “Aerosoft CRJ (Airways)” format and let me know if I need to fix anything in it.

@dmf747 If you can, would you be able to regenerate your flight plan (important - you need to regenerate the flight for the changes I made to be applied) and try to load your route again? Just to confirm it works now that I’ve reverted back to the old format.

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Tested and perfect. Thanks for the quick reply.

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Thanks Derek, will give it a try.

A happy new year to all of you and stay healthy.

Derek, sorry for coming back so late, but both types of fiightplans worked (at least for me).

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