Aerosoft CRJ and Airways export

Hi, I tried the “new” Airways export option for Aerosoft CRJ in MSFS, and for some of plans it works perfectly, but for other plans it dosnt work and CRJ says “flight plan loaded” but the plan is not processed.

One of failing example is following route: UDYZ-OISY with plan GOSI3E GOSIS T920 ADANO N77 MAGRI G482 TBZ Z1 PEKAM UP574 OBTUX Q25 MIPUL MIPU1N

If i use the old one (“DCT” variant), it works nice of course

Thank you

Thanks for the report, this is why they are currently split into 2 exports right now. The airways option is unreliable.

Please also send this .flp file to Aerosoft, perhaps they can use it to either fix the bug in the CRJ importer, or they can advise me on what it is about that file that is incorrect.

For convenience, here is the airways .flp file for your flight: UDYZOISY.flp (796 Bytes)

Also ping @mopperle , can you test this file and let me know if there is anything incorrect in it?


Hi Derek,
I could load the flightplan you provided without any problem, using NavdataPro cycle.
But I’m currentyl checking something regarding the path where the navdata are being installed. Seems as if this is somehow a mess in MSFS.

  1. where did you get the CRJ from
  2. Which navdata provider are you using?

Hi, i have MSFS from Microsoft Marketplace, CRJ is taken from MSFS marketplace, navdata in CRJ are from navigraph, and plan was generated via SimBrief downloader with Aerosoft CRJ (Airways) plugin.

When I tried to enter flightplan manually (on RTE page , so using Route and Leg), it was possible without any problem.

Which CRJ modell are you using and in which folder (Full path please) did you store the flightplan?

It was CRJ1000 and flight plans are exported to C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\packages\aerosoft-crj-900-1000\work

Ok, checked it again with the CRJ1000 amd the Navigraph dataset and couldnt see any problem:
Loaded the plan, got a MSG about UNKNOWN SID/STAR-ENR-TRANS, which is not a problem, because they are optional, clicked EXEC and everything was visible:

The only difference is that you have the store version and I have the Aerosoft download version. But that shouldnt make any difference.
And you didnt load it by mistake as secondary flightplan?


This is how it looks on my PC after load.

… had an idea and tried loading of plans with different loading configurations in EFB - Options …and found the (workaround / root cause) for this scenario

  • i normally have SID/STARs loading as part of flightplan disabled in EFB - Options. After enabling, it started to work with the original flightplan

  • if i removed SID/STAR from flightplan and regenerated in simbrief, it is able to load flightplan correctly in both configuratiohns

so, the “problem” happens, if simbrief plan contains sid/star, but in CRJ its loading is disabled.

OK, wil try to recreate it.

I’m new to the CRJ, and was wondering what is the difference between CRJ and CRJ (Airways) in simbrief? The Airways option has two paths, but I can’t find an explanation anywhere on how to set it up. Thank you for the help.