Is it Aerosoft, Simbrief or Navigraph?

Greetings, this is my first post here and not certain where it belongs.
I have been using Navigraph and Simbrief for a couple of months now and I really grateful for how easy and efficient it is to make and download a flightplan.
I am using P3D v 4.5 latest HF and Aerosoft’s CRJ Pro with Win 10 and Nividia with all with current updates.
The problem takes place after I have been flying for a while after imputing a successful FMS download from simbrief into my aircraft and then having to save the situation. When I reload the situation my FMS has been wiped, which is likely both Aerosoft and Prepar3d issue, thankfully your program allows me to rapidly re-m put the flightplan into the FMS pasting the KDCAKBTV format into the “Route” option the only difference is that all my way-points are Direct To instead of using the Airways and Way-points from the downloaded plan.
I apologize for the verbose post, but I thought would check with you all first before going to Aerosoft’s, and Prepar3d’s forums.
Thanks again for your great product.


Hi Tom, I agree the issue where the FMS is wiped when you reload the flight is probably a P3D/Aerosoft limitation. Perhaps they will fix it in a future update.

When importing a SimBrief route into the CRJ FMS, it’s normal for all the waypoints to be Direct. This is necessary for the moment as including the airways in the route seems to cause frequent FMS import failures in the CRJ. By expanding all the airways into a series of directs instead, the import is much more reliable and causes less errors.

The resulting route is the same (all of the same waypoints are imported), only the airway indications are missing the FMS.

Hope this helps,

Wow thanks for the quick response.
I had suspected it was a multi factorial issue.
I had read somewhere in one of the Aerosoft forums that there was a way to use the secondary flight plan quickly, but if I can just input the SimBrief plan I will go with that.
Thanks again.


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