Corrupted Fligthplan


Since yesterday (I was not flying during week days) the SimBrief flighplan seems to be corrupt.

  • Importing it to NavigraphCharts it gave me error message yesterday and today for an another fligthtplan only SID points and STAR points are shown, in between it is empty
  1. Downloading FP with SimBrief Dowloader the Aerosoft CRJ imports an empty FP.
    My setup:
    MSFS2020 latest updates
    SimbriefDownloader 1.6.2
    Navigraph Subscription
    NavigraphCharts on iPad Pro

Today’s flight: EDDF to LEMD
Yesterday’s: EHAM to LFML (NavigraphChart error message: Could not load flight ending message with error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (Navigraph_Charts.WebserviceError error 1.)

Anyone else also experiencing similar issues?


Hi, for the Charts import it looks like an issue with the Route Validator. The team is investigating.

I don’t see any obvious issues that would affect the Aerosoft CRJ, however. Maybe ask Aerosoft support as well, as far as I can tell it should be working.

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