Simbrief alternate flight plan not imported in Navigraph

When I import flight plan in Navigraph from Simbrief, the alternate flight plan to divert on destination which is in Simbrief OFP is not imported in Navigraph. The same when you download the plan from Simbrief to XPlane, the alternate is not downloaded.
It would be easier to have this functionality to programm Toliss MCDU flight plan.
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When you load a Simbrief OFP plan into Navigraph Charts, the Alternate airport shows under Alternate Airports


Ok thanks
But the route from destination to alternate is not show on Navigraph flight plan ?

I mean I see the alternate as you show but you need to create manually a new Navigraph flight plan according to Simbrief indications ?
You cannot import the Simbrief alternate flightplan into Navigraph ?


Navigraph Charts currently does not support alternate routings, so yes, for the moment the only workaround is to create a new Navigraph flight plan from destination to alternate. To be able to import SimBrief when creating this flight, you would likewise need to create a separate flight in SimBrief (from destination to alternate) prior to import.

We can look into whether this feature can be added in a future update perhaps.

Similarly, most add-ons also do not support importing the alternate routing separately, so there is no defined format for SimBrief to export to. In fact, in the real world most operators don’t pre-program the alternate routing into the FMS, since ATC will often clear you to the alternate using a more direct route anyways. The alternate routing on the OFP is mainly used for fuel calculation purposes, but rarely ever actually gets flown.

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Ok thanks for your answer.