Alternate flightplan not displayed?

After loading a flight plan from Simbrief into Navigraph Charts I cannot display the route to the alternate airport. I can open the information related to the alternate airport, but it would be extremely useful that the routing from the initial destination to the alternate airport is displayed also. After a missed or Go Around and a decision for heading to the alternate, I am in the dark and cannot continue tracking my route in Navigraph Charts.
Maybe I am overlooking the option. Is it possible displaying the route to the alternate airport? If not: is this a future extension?
Thanks for a reply!

Hi …,


It seems the Simbrief Alternate airport and route to it is not imported via the + New flight/From SimBrief/OFP option.

We shall consider this as an option for future Charts enhancement.

In Charts you can use you can use Alternate Airports button to bring up Alternate(s) and their Charts:



Thank you Ian for your reply.
This is not just an issue regarding importing from Simbrief. Also when manually (in Navigraph Charts) setting up a flight, the route between destination and alternate airport is not displayed. And yes, I can see the airport information for the alternate. I would definitely appreciate and recommend an enhancement taking care of this issue. Thanks!