How to import alternate flight plan from Simbrief to Navigraph

Since I received no answer and the subject was automatically closed, I am posing again my question.

In the Toliss planes when you upload the flightplan from Simbrief you get in the FMS the primary FP but also the FP from destination to alternate
Very convenient when you have to divert.
It seems not possible to get the same when you import your FP from Simbrief to Navigraph
You have only the alternate airport data plus a second alternate ?
You have to type manually the alternate FP in a new Navigraph FP, which is very difficult when you have to divert as a single pilot.
Will you include this automatic import of the alternate FP in a future version ?
Congratulations for this V8 it is very good.

Hello dear Navigraph team.
Do you have little time to answer my question ?

Unless I am mistaken, Navigraph Charts does not support routings to the alternate in general.



sorry, when we have overseen your previous posting. Tim, is right … Currently, you have no possibility to use the alternate / alternate routings.

Possible in the future, but not at this stage of the app, sorry.

Thanks Tim ( @Rodeo314 ) for your help :+1:

Cheers & Happy New Year

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