Simbrief account settings does not follow Navigraph account

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My friend created an account on Simbrief with a mistaken email account. Then he wanted by my request to subscribe to the Navigraph unlimited plan with the correct email however this was no joy. Then he had to open a new account on Navigraph which is OK - however Simbrief has the old alias and the wrong email, so we cannot load simbrief OFP on Navigraph Charts…

My freiend’s Alias is: Dudikam

please email me in case additional data is required

Can this be fixed somehow?



Hi, I’m afraid I don’t quite understand your question. Can you clarify the issue you are having, perhaps with screenshots to illustrate what is not showing up correctly?

Both you (meuman5022) and your friend’s (Dudikam) accounts have used SimBrief today, and both currently have a subscription with access to the latest AIRAC from what I can see.

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Thank you for your prompt reply.

Currently the Alias and email address in Simbrief account setting - does not match the alias and email address in Navigraph profile, hence we cannot load OFP from Simbrief to Charts.

The Alias in Simbrief is: (duduil) I believe, and the email address is: (ds*****

In navigraph Profile, the alias is: (dudikam) and the email address is (ds***** My friend just forgot to put the “il” at the end hence he could not reset password and had to re- register and pay 9 Euros x 3 times :smiley:

We have managed to successfully open a new account. Therefore What is needed is to change the alias and email in Simbrief to match the alias and email in Navigraph profile.

I cannot send screenshots because this is not my account. My account works perfectly.

Hope this is more clear now.

Many thanks

Hi again,

In that case, you friend is probably still signed in to SimBrief using one of the old accounts. Please ask them to click “Sign Out”, then “Sign In” using their ds***** account.

They can sign out of SimBrief at the top-right of the page:

They will need to regenerate their latest flight plan after doing so, afterwards it should be available for import in Charts.

Also, if they’d like a refund for the extra subscription purchases, please have them reach out to and we’ll be happy to assist.

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Hi again,

We missed this solution :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

When we tried to change something it always went back to Navigrapf profile hence we could do nothing.

Many thanks again and all the best.

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