Navigraph and SimBrief Usernames, Names, Aliases etc

I’m trying to figure out how to generate an OFP in SimBrief and import into Navigraph charts. When I try to import an OFP it says that ‘no OFP’s exist for user’ and then it lists my email address. When I look at Navigraph Charts is shows me logged in as my alias which is only part of my email address. In SimBrief it says my username is the same as the Navigraph alias. I must be missing something here, but it appears to me that these applications are using different terms for the same thing. Please advise on how I can sync up these accounts on both systems?

Btw - When I look at SimBrief Data it says I have generated 7 OFP’s. But - currently I do not have the Generate OFP button visible.