Sim Brief vs Nav Maps?

I’m confused!

  1. Presently, I am using Sim Brief to create a flight but have no options to select Sid’s, Stars or approaches. After I create the flight (w/o SID, STAR or Approach) I use Nav Downloader and put it in to MSFS 2020.

  2. I use Nav Maps and I can create the flight, select a SID, a STAR and an approach. But Sim Brief does not allow that.

What is the purpose of Nav Maps if it cannot be loaded into MSFS?

Jack Maxcy


What is Nav Maps?


Sorry, I meant Navigraph Charts.



I see. First of all you can export from Charts to MSFS. See the Export tab in your flight. If you are happy with how you plan a route in Charts then use this. You can also copy that route to SimBrief using the Export to Clipboard option, and then paste in the SimBrief route box.

SimBrief will provide you with route options including SID and STAR but there is no visual overview like there is in Charts.




Thanks so much!


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