Access Denied after Navigraph HUB update

After updating of the Navigraph HUB it say: “Acces Denied. This app req. an active Navi Subscription”. But I have an Unlimited Yearly Subscription, recently paid 23-05-2023 €102.

I reinstalled the latest Navigraph HUB, I Sign In → Approve → Navigraph Account sucessfully Linked, but when I open the HUB it still say: “Access Denied”.

How can get my subscription to work again?

Hi Willy! Welcome to the forum.

Before pressing the Approve button, look at the link at the bottom of the page that allows you to Switch account. Please do that and then make sure that you sign in with the correct account!

I can see that it is very likely that you have accidentally created a new account. The one you currently posted from does not have a subscription!

Kind Regards,

Tank you very much, now the Navigraph HUB works again. I wasn’t aware I had created another account, is wondering how I can delete it.
Regards Willy.

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