SIDs/STARs/IAPs with multiple equal transitions

The following information is based on MSFS version and AIRAC 2101.

:warning: Issue
The transition name will not be shown in the sim, only the first/last waypoint of these transition

:white_check_mark: ** Explanation/Reason**
There is no column for the transition name existing in the sim data. The sim uses a waypoint name for the transition-identifier, with this process:

  • for SIDs = last waypoint of the transition
  • for STARs and approach = first waypoint of the transition

On some airports, that could be resulting in a list of multiple equal transition-names.

This is navdata independent.

:airplane: Example(s)
Two times GEN as a transition, but the TOVS5C has two GEN transitions (GEN5Q and GEN5V) but both ends at GEN and the sim uses the last waypoint due the missing column for the exact transition name.

LIRN ILS-24V approach:
You see two POM transtions, which is right so far, but the transition names are wrong (there should be POM1 and POM2).

:checkered_flag: Solution
There is no current global workaround/solution possible. For adding the correct transition name, ASOBO/MS must add this possibility in the core-sim first.