LIML - No Transitions after NEW SID RNAVs (i.e. ABSEM5J)

Hi Navigraph team!

I do have to report how in LIML, on current AIRAC cycle 2113 (and probably was also on 2112, I have not tested before), using the Aerosoft CRJ for MSFS I do have some missing Transitions after selecting some SIDs.
It is happening for all the new SID RNAV added with AIRAC 2112 onto the Italian AIP. Such new SID are: ABSEM 5J. TOVSA 5J, RUVAB 5J, NIKMO 5J, SRN 5J, TZO 5J.
All those SID, once selected onto the FMS; do not provide the possibility to select the subsequen Transition segment, as I would have expected.

Instead are still well working all the other SIDs were the Transitions are appearing properly in the FMS.

Thanks for checking it.


Hi Andrea,
which transition (ie. ABSEM5J) do you miss? The ABSEM5J ends at ABSEM … I can´t find any transition from ABSEM on … also, all the J-SIDs are RNAV transitions, some transitions are “Turbo prop or non rnav only” (ie. ABESI9A/7B, …).

So which transition do you expect?


Hello Richard,

I do expect the following Transitions as available on AIP. Nothing special :slight_smile:

  • ABSEM 5J continues with LOGDI 6A / OSKOR 5D
  • TOVSA 5J continues with GEN 5Q / GEN 5V / EKPAL 5A / DEVOX 5B
  • RUVAB 5J continues with ELTAR 5B / NESTI 5A
  • SRN 5J continues with LAGEN 9A / NEDED 9A

Only NIKMO and TZO were an error into my list. Ignore it.
Those transition options, within the Aerosoft CRJ FMS with latest AIRAC loaded are not available.
With the old and still existing SID instead are normally selectable. I do assume is an error introduced when the new SID have been added to the DB after their publication (02 DEC 2021) where has been missed a “connection” with the subsequent existing transitions.

As we are in such topic, I have not tested but I would suggest to double check also the new SIDs for RWY 08 if they are connected to their transitions, I do a recap also on them:

  • TREVI 5X continues with ELTAR 5C / NESTI 6C
  • TOVSA 5X continues with DEVOX 5B / EKPAL 5A / GEN 5Q / GEN 5V / LOGDI 5C
  • LIMBA 5X continues with EKAPL 5C

All the listed Transitions above are RNAV1.
All the listed SID & Transitions are not “Turboprop. only”.

Thank you

Hi Andrea,
now I have it :slight_smile: … thank you for the details. Much appreciated …

The reason for that missing transitions (it seems) is, that a few procedures were reported too late for the release. Therefore, please let us wait for the next cycle 2201 or 2202. I have checked your examples now and I don´t see any reason, why the procedures can´t be coded or are not included due any other aspects excluding the timeline. So, I´m pretty sure, that the missing procedures will be added in one of the next 1-2 cycles.

Thanks for the hint and I will check it as soon as I have the new data here on my table.