No identifier for transitions in EDDS

In the MCDU from FBW A320neo i’m missing the correct identifier for the transitions in EDDS.
By pressing ILS 07 is for example LBU not present. Thereafter pressing VIAS i see LBU twice.
The second is the LBU07 transition. The same trouble with rwy25.
Is it possible an error in the database?



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I can confirm this issue and it’s not only the FBW A320NX… the CRJ and CJ4 suffer also from this. Further when selecting the LBU07
Transition in the charts app (windows and iOS) the wrong LBU Transition is used to visualize the waypoints.

that´s nothing what we can change … we offer the correct idents in the datasets but it looks that the addon developer uses the first waypoint of the transition as ident.

Here from the source for the MSFS data - you see we habe KRH07, LBU and LBU07 …

… also for the CRJ the same transition part as above:

The idents are there but will not be used for some reason … sorry, but we can´t do more as to offer it.


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