SIDs from kelowna

A rather odd problem!
Last night I used the android app to work out my next flight CYLW to KRNT. All went well, including the SID YDC3.
This morning on my PC, navigraph charts found and opened the plan, still looking good. This was after updating navigraph data to latest airac
The SID showed a route for both 16 and 34 which was easily sorted out by selecting rwy 34
I then went into simbrief and it objected to YDC3 but would accept YDC4. The generated course looked the same as the charts version.
I then went back to the charts to edit the SID - to find that YDC3 was no loger an option but YDC4 was. However when selected it did not give any course and the icon at the top of the chart was red. When clicked it said YDC4 must be a waypoint, sid, star etc!

Now even more puzzled. Not done anything except remove a different waypoint elsewhere on the route and YDC4 is suddenly working correctly!

What is going on?


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