Missing sid at KPDX

2112 v2 doesn’t have the sid MINNE 5. It doesn’t matter whether 10R/L or 28R/L. I can’t even manually put them in the FMC. It says waypoint not found in database.

please confirm, that you are using v1.0.3 of the Navigraph Navdata Center. When yes, please upload your content.xml file here.

Last, do you use the stock scenery or any other 3rd party scenery? You wrote, you can’t enter the waypoint … Have you tried the search in the WorldMap also to find a specific waypoint? Which aircraft do you use …

Here what I see:


After updating to v1.0.3 and reinstalling 2112v2. The sids are there. Everything works great now.

John K

Ah wonderful news John. Thank you very much for your feedback! Glad it is solved …

I have marked your solutiion as “solved”.

Happy flying

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