SID & STAR missing LTFM

Hi all,
after my update to AIRAC 2105 i saw that there are no STAR´s and SID`s for LTFM.
Before the new Cycle they were available.
Does someone has the same issue and could help me maybe?

Hi Apo,
I can confirm that … thanks for the report! Just checking whats happened here …

Hi Richard,
thanks for the quick reply and for your effort. I hope it will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

Hi again Apo,
I have figured out, that ASOBO has changed something in the scenery-ordering again in one of the last update(s) because it has also not worked with 2104. I have no idea what but something must be changed and that has nothing todo with us.

So, how can you fix this:
You must put the LTFM scenery in your content.xml file somewhere between the “fs-base” package and our package (“navigraph-navdata”). The order, that the scenery is AFTER the “fs-base” package is in this case important - I have made a lot of tests now but this is the only working one.

Here from my content.xml file, that you see what I mean. The yellow line must be somewhere between the two green lines:

When you have “re-ordered” this you can select the SIDs and STARs as normal:

Sorry, that I can´t you offer any other solution but that´s not in our hand. I have no idea, why ASOBO changes this logic so often. Possible they still haven´t found the right solution for that.

By the way: To know, where this content.xml located - look here for detailed information.



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