LTFM SIDs missing points

LTFM SIDs are missing all of their waypoints except the first one. Check image below:

Here’s my content.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <Package name="navigraph-navdata-base" priority="1"/>
  <Package name="scenerytr-airport-ltfm-istanbul" priority="2"/>
  <Package name="digitaldesign-airport-urss-sochi" priority="3"/>
  <Package name="mmsimulations-airport-ltbj-izmir-adnan-menderes" priority="4"/>
  <Package name="mkstudios-airport-eidw-dublin" priority="5"/>
  <Package name="aurascenery-airport-ltcw-hakkari" priority="6"/>
  <Package name="navigraph-navdata" priority="7"/>

Thank you

remove your 3rd party scenery first and try it again please. It looks like an issue with the scenery because the terminal procedures are included and also select able in the default configuration. I can´t test it because I don´t have this scenery, sorry.

Here with the default scenery, when our AIRAC cycles are installed:



All these procedures can also be selected in the Garmins/FMC/FMS of the in-build aircrafts. So, it looks really some issue with the scenery.


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