Missing STARs at LEMG - MSFS Sim update 4

After the last update of Navigraph AIRAC cycle (2105) in MSFS2020 using the Navdata Installer I noticed that all STARs arrivals have disappeared at LEMG. I had then applied the instructions described in FAQ - Scenery-File re-organisation / initialization
This worked fine and I could get back the STARs.

However, after today’s MSFS sim update (Sim update 4 -, the arrivals disappear again. Unfortunately applying the scenery re-organisation process this time did not work. Those arrivals do not appear any more. I guess other arrivals for other airports may have also disappeared. Any idea what to do?

I follow the instructions given by Richard from Navigraph for another airport for which STARs were missing SID & STAR missing LTFM - #3 by ApoJunior
and it worked. However I hope that Navigraph can come with better solution that arranging scenery manually in content.xml.

thanks for your feedback and to confirm the solution for you. To your question:
The content file “solution” is not a real solution and we can’t do anything for that. There is no way to re-sort the entries after a priority flag because there is no in the file. It’s only a listing of all installed packages but no way to identify which package should be loaded when.

Sorry, but here also, we need the “help” from ASOBO. Without a change in the logic of this file, we can’t offer any other solution, sorry …


Thanks Richard for your quick reply. I understand that there is nothing effective you can do on your side. However I think you understand much better than me the issue, therefore I would like to ask you if you think that there is more general solution (although manual) that avoid any potential similar situation for all airports, something like placing the navigraph-navdata line in a specific position within the content.xml file such as after all airports, at the end of file, etc.

Thanks again for your help.


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