This SID does cause some issues with the navigraph data installed. Without navigraph the path is as expected.

See the images: the first one is this SID with navigraph installed:

the second one without the navdata from navigraph:

And BTW, it does not happen with the navigraph data in the 737 or Fenix:

what aircraft you´re using here? The problem is, that we only offer the data for the sim and the logic to use the data in the correct way is inside of the FMCs.

But anyway, a little bit more information about the addon which you´re using could be helpful to reproduce it but I´m pretty sure, that the data interpretation is wrong here.

Thank you

The first two images are from the C172 G1000. The third from the PMDG 737. I think it is an issue with the NXi and not a navigraph issue. Looks like Working title is aware of the issue according to their discord.