Eddp no sid/stars


i dont have any SID/ STARs in EDDP. Had the problem before i bought Navigraph. Solution in the MFS forum was to update database with Navigraph, but it doesnt work.

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hm, can´t reproduce it … using sim, AIRAC 2113 rev. 1 and the stock scenery:

Here a few SIDs from 26L:

… and here a few STARs into Leibzig:

So, the data are there and included … do you possible use any 3rd party scenery or the default one? When yes, try to remove this 3rd party scenery first and try it again … because you wrote, that you have this before (without any our data too).

Also, please confirm, that you´re using the latest version of the Navigraph Navdata Center v1.0.5, should be run in the background

… and last, please upload your content.xml file here. Thank you!


Thx for your help! I think it was not a 3rd party scenery.

Works now!

It seems, problem was the free Garmin G1000 NXI addon of the marketplace.

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