SID Missing SBGR

Hello! After the latest AIRAC updated via DataManager, one specific SID disappeared from my FMGS departure list.
SID code is AMVUL-2A [AMVU2A] from SBGR Rwy 10L.
This SID was avaliable on AIRAC 2209.
I searched for this SID on NavData Folder, with no results (Microsoft Flight Simulator X\BlackBox Simulation\NavData\PSSSID.dat).

(PS: My Aerosoft A32Fs FMGS display this SID after the same AIRAC update.)

-FSX Acceleration
-BlackBox A320 Family
-AIRAC 2210


thanks for the report - I can confirm that but I also can confirm that we have the AMUVA2A in our database. So, I assume a bug somewhere. I will add a ticket in our internal system to analyze it and to fix it with one the next cycles.

Anyway, thank you very much for this helpful report - I will let this topic open, till it´s fixed from our side.

Thank you very much,

PS: by the way, this SID was also not available in 2209 - I have now checked the previous cycle, and also here no AMVU2A SID

Hello, Richard.
Looks like a BlackBox A32F specific data issue. This SID is used for “Shuttle” flights connecting Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, a very busy route in Brazil. I’m sure I used this SID a lot in cycle 2209.
I can manually enter the waypoints, or modify the PSSSID.dat. file, but I was hoping for some practical resolution. In these cases is it possible to expect some revision of the Blackbox 2210 AIRAC cycle files?

Thank you!

Depending of the time, when we have fix it - revision or one of the next AIRAC cycles but it´s a clear bug because I see the SID in our database. We will fix this of course, thanks for the hint …


I decided to insert mannualy the SID, editing the PSSSID.dat file, using the Notepad.

About 15 minutes of work, to understand the structure of the file, and edit it, inserting Waypoints (Lat/Long) and their altitude and speed restrictions.


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