Updated to latest Airac, Missing and incorrect SID/STAR Data

Hi, just updated to 2207 form my aerosoft airbus family. Some SID/STAR info is wrong, wrong identifiers even though simbrief says it should work. Some data is just straight up missing.

For example, just planned EGKK/EGPH, SID info at Gatwick worked but its under a different identifier to charts and plans, STAR infofor INPIP1E at Edinburgh straight up doesn’t exist in my FMS.

Everything worked fine before i updated the Airac.




For us to investigate, we need more information. For example:

Which Operating System ?
Which FS?
Which exact aircraft?
Which SID/STAR info is wrong?
What data is missing in detail?


Hi! Thank you for your prompt reply, as is usually the case with things like this, turns out the loose screw in this machine is the guy in the chair.

Carried on investigating last night as it had become somewhat of a vendetta. I’d forgotten to change the data source from NavDataPro to Navigraph.

Everything is working fine now. Thanks for a great product, even I did manage to get in its way.

Thanks for your prompt reply!

Yes, I was about to suggest that but needed to confirm the aircraft.

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying


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