KLAS SIDS missing

Hello -
It looks like the last AIRAC cycle does not have all of the updated SID/STARS in the MCDU or in general - SimBrief also show the current AIRAC of 2104…

SID COWBY6 is now longer active

I also believe SHEAD is still showing as active and is not



It seems COWBY8 and SHEAD1 were deleted with effect AIRAC 2104



I do realize that they were removed - but when I run simbrief as well as the FMS, I still get COWBY8 and SHEAD1…they just overhauled the airspace here in Vegas.

Please provide screenshots showing deleted SID’s in Simbrief and FMS identifying which aircraft, which FS.

You can post screenshots using Guide to posting Screenshots

Please confirm Simbrief has AIRAC 2104 set as active

and aircraft is showing AIRAC 2104 details in IDENT/STATUS page.


Okay, so it looks like I fixed my FMS problem…but it looks like the issue is with Simbrief not pulling the updated SID/STARs even tho - it shows AIRAC 2104

In Simbrief, if you have AIRAC 2104 set as active and flight plans with COWBY8 or SHEAD1 being prompted or accepted in Analyze Route with out error, please report at Simbrief forum