ESINO 7H and other SID's missing from LIRF (Airac 2108)

Hi, I was starting a flight the other day and abruptly stopped due to missing SID’s. More specifically the ESI7H departure SID (and other SID’s) was in the Navigraph charts but no where to be found on the FMS (of Aerobask Phenom). I tripled checked the Airac data cycle on the sim and on the notepad file in the root folder. Some of the SID’s seen in the charts were also in the nav data but some were not (and I only found them in the Charts e.g ESI7H).

Moreover I checked the notepad file for the LIRF navdata and searched it for ESI7H (esino 7H dep) but with no luck. My Airac is fully up to date for Xp11 and XP GNS 430.


you need the “initial climb procedure” first. The ESI7H SID starts at OST,so you need a flying part before. This is also the same as in our charts.

You can’t fly a transition SID only - you. need at least a common part, normally you have alsoa runway part.

I can’t say how this will handled by the addon, but the data are included.


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