Navigraph Refernce Manual - Desperate

Just joined Navi graph full (impressed what Navi graph can do as I read).

I am new here and relatively new to fs2020. This is my first post. Hoping this is the right section for my post. My apologies if it is not.

I have watched several Navi graph tutorials. Still not being able to complete simple short flight plan with ils rwy to destination and without using waypoints far out from destination.

For example, creating a plan to fly from cyyz to ils rwy 08 at cytz (short distance i.e. Toronto to Toronto island airport). Waypoints that I can find are too far past the destination to make it practical. I am almost sure there are easier & better ways to do this quickly. maybe flying from vors etc, not sure.

To independently work on my own, I am looking for a complete detailed Navi graph reference manual with features/options with scenario based examples on creating flight plans in various ways, tricks and shortcuts.



I suggest you look at FAQ - Introduction to Navigraph Charts.

There are some excellent videos at
2. Navigraph Charts - Product Demonstration
6. Import & Export your Flight Simulator Flight Plan with Navigraph Charts Tutorial
7. Flight Simulation SID & STAR Visualization Tutorial with Navigraph Charts
16. Export Flight Plans from Navigraph Charts to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Try creating a longer route which will allow SID-Enroute-STAR such as CYYZ - CYMX and select Auto generate as an example. Try selecting a suitable SID and STAR.

Best then to experiment and if unclear ask questions here. We are happy to help.


Thanks very much Ian. I really appreciate your quick & timely response.

I will certainly check out as suggested.

By the way, last night I tried to be creative doing the following and got closer to desirable results for the very first time, however still without any specific guidance or steps to follow, verify and fine tune my trial & error method.

Here is what I tried:

Flying out from a VOR adjacent to cyyz straight into ILS 08 at cytz. It seemed to work however instead of the usual GPS, I had to fly out starting with VOR2 instead selected with the cdi switch. This took me to the ILS rwy 08. Then I manually switched to LOC1 at that point to get connected with the cytz ILS 08 rwy waypoints.

This connected me to the LOC1 into ILS 08 at cytz and led me into the runway at cytz but not dead center as expected, for some reason. Tried more than once.

I believe a NaviGraph reference manual in this situation could have possibly made a difference here in answering those WHAT, IF, WHY, WHEN, WHERE & HOW type factual reference information from which I can then deduce specific solutions for my situation.