Severe frame rate drop at certain Navdata-only airports

Having installed MSFS shortly after its release in August 2020, I wanted to do a test flight, which I had also used frequently in FS 2004, in Pangnirtung (CYXP).
CYXP was missing in MSFS, however, so my test flight failed. In the course of time I had searched for CYXP again and again, but the airfield was never included in MSFS. CYXP therefore fell into oblivion with me.
In the meantime, I had installed Navigraph Navdata a few months ago and recently searched again for CYXP in Little Navmap. To my delight, CYXP was now present. It is displayed correctly in MSFS, so I tried to do my test flight.
In doing so, I noticed that near the airfield my framerate drops from normally 25-30 fps to below 5 fps, making it nearly impossible to perform a correct approach. This does not even happen to me in KJFK or KLAX. CYXP, on the other hand, has no complex scenery at all.
I then visited several airfields in northeastern Canada and it turned out that there are other places where my framerate drops like this, sometimes even below 1 fps, even though these places are in the middle of nowhere.
These are the airfields CYLC, CYCY, CYAB, CYGT, CYUX, CYHA, CYKG, CYTE, CYAS, CYLU, CYLA, CYDP, CYZG, CYTQ, CYVP, CYFT, CYIK, CYAY. I have not yet checked other airfields.
These are all airfields that were not originally present in MSFS and were “retrofitted” by Navigraph Navdata.
The question is whether this is an error on my part, or whether there is an incompatibility of Navigraph Navdata?



I have tried a number of the airports you mentioned in the FBW development A320 and have the same normal 40-50 fps.

I don’t believe this is a Navigraph navdata issue. I would think more likely an aircraft interpretation issue ? Maybe try other aircraft to confirm.


Did you land at these airports with your A320? Overflying at more than 1500ft AGL does indeed not cause any frame rate reduction. (I should have mentioned that.)

I made my flight tests (take off, traffic pattern, land) in the default Cessna 172 and at CYXP in the Aerosoft Twin Otter.

The effect is at all airports slightly different as is the distance from the airport where the effect becomes noticeable when you approach the airport from,say 10nm away.

I have flown now several airports which are not included in the stock data but without any break of fps.

We are only adding the runway plus the navaid facilities. So very, very basic. No building, no mesh, no taxiways, nothing what a more or less complex airport normally have.

We are offering the data now since nearly 2 years but we have received no report like that (and EDDS was one of the dirst important airports which were not included a long time)

Sorry, can reproduce it, I see on all flown aieports no fps break


I did some more tests (takeoff, traffic pattern, landing) with different aircraft at Igloolik (CYGT), which is also not one of the standard airfields in MSFS. In the process I also completely emptied the community folder except for the Navigraph files. In any case, the framerate drops continued to occur.

Finally, I also uninstalled the current Navigraph AIRAC Cycle. CYGT is then of course no longer present in MSFS, but the place Igloolik with streets and about 30 or 40 buildings is there. However, it is clearly visible where the runway is. I ran another test and found that the framerate drop was still present.

Conclusion: Navigraph has nothing to do with the matter, this must be a problem that Asobo is responsible for solving.

Thank you very much for this report and your effort on this. Much appriciated …

I guess, thats some mystical issues in the sim.

Happy flying

PS: I have marked your last post as “solution” here

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