Fps drops down/freezer at Touchdown

Hi. Everytime on ILS, every Airport in Msfs or 3rd Party Addon on Touchdown with my Fenix A320 i get a freezer from 1-3 sec and sound stutter sometimes at the moment of Touchdown and sometime hard frame stutters 4-8 nm before touchdown. I installed the latest 2302.So when i unistalled 2302 from Fenix in the Navigraph Center and fly with the package that is included in the fenix (Aug-Sep21) all is fine. The Navdata from MSFS is also Installed . So there are many peopel in MSFS forum with this Bug. Can i do something ?

thanks for contacting us … It is very unlikely that this comes from a data cycle, specially on this situation only.

The default cycle is also from us and there were no structure changes, so we can’t do more as to offer the data. Also there are no issue reported here, not from a user nor from Fenix itself and we are working very closely with Fenix.

I have tried to reproduce it (current sim version, latest cycle installed, no addons installed), landing on LOWW on 29. No freeze or any drop downs … Such issues can be all, in most cases it’s a combination of CPU, GPU, driver, …

Possible not very helpful, but we can’t do more here.


ok. i think not its my setup :frowning: my frames are permanently arround 40-45 fps on middel setings. and its only on the moment of touchdown, after that all is ok. So i do many Addons “off” with Addon Linker so no chance…but thanky you for your effort must look now…

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