Massive fps drops in world menu with the 2102 rev2

After the installation of the 2102 rev.2 i get massive fps drops from 60 to 10. I had to reinstall everything and i realised that at the moment i install the build the problem occurs. When i removed the build things went back to normal. Pleas fix it!!!

Hi Nectar,
thanks for contacting us, but this must be another reason … This release is out since 10 days and we haven´t received any reports. Not here in the forum (as you see) nor in the official Flightsimulator forum. I have just tested it on my system too, no difference between with and without our update. So, it must be any other reason for that, sorry to say.

I guess, there are a lot of customers here who are using the AIRAC files and I can´t believe, that nobody report this behavior, when there are really an fps issue.

Which Navigraph-Installer do you use? The latest one beta 23?
Do you have any addons, linker, … installed?

Sorry, but I´m pretty sure, that this has nothing todo with the navdata update - it´s a luck, that you have identified the navdata as reason but I don´t see any real impact on my system, nor on other customer systems.


I had so many trials and errors to see what is wrong and i am sure it is because of this. I have the latest beta. At the moment i have uninstalled the data and everything semms fine!!! As i told before i had to set up my pc from scratch to come to this conslusion. I mostly use the greek area in the world map

i tried it ance again. When i install the data i get fps drops and when i uninstall it the fps comes back to normal!

Sorry, but again - I don´t know what I should fix and where the problem is on your system. As I wrote, no one else has reported this - in this case, I would remove the beta for the moment, because I don´t know how I can help you, sorry.


Ok i have already done that. I guess it has to do with some .bgl espcially in the area of greece. When i uninstall sometimes i have to load the sim 2 times to come back to normal. Though this is the only change i make. I have the folder installed in the community all the other mods and addons are symbolic links through MSFS_AddonsLinker. But the navigraph data folder is in the community itself. Could u give me the 2 previous versions in order to test?

After the update of the msfs everything seems to be ok. Thanks

I had the same issue, removed the navigraph-navdata folder from community folder and all was fine. It was unusable. After re-installing navigraph program and re-installing current cycle problem was gone, not sure why it happened.

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