Export flight from panel to FMS of 787, 747, WT21 and WT Garmin avionics

I’m not sure what to call the title, but there is a GTN 750 Addon from PMS50 where, if you request your flight plan from Simbrief, it will automatically be in the FMS of, for example, the 787. Maybe you could create such an add-on, as the GTN750 add-on is payware.

Link to the Addon: GTN750 Premium


After discussions with the developers behind said addon, it looks like this could be done but it would take a big effort from our side. It would be cool to have it as part of our existing “Export to simulator” option in the Charts panel though!

Definitely adding it to the list of things to do.

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Thank you for the Nice Answer. I think this could also be a very good workaround as long as WT does not make their AAU2 code public.

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Hello again! I have some good news.

With the release of version 8.4 of the in-game panel, this is now implemented! Please make sure to update the panel through the Navigraph Hub.

For a full changelog, see this post:

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